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New Fashion and High Fashion

New Fashion and High Fashion

New Fashion and High Fashion

Starting in the 1900s, fashion is a leading sector in terms of revealing the sociological effects of trends and periods. It is possible to examine the evolution of clothing, which is indispensable for humans just like shelter and food, into fashion. We first come across tailor-made clothes from high-quality fabrics in Paris. While accessories follow the clothes, Milano follows Paris. Nowadays, being accepted in the fashion world means being accepted by the fashion authorities in these two cities.

It is not so easy to see, however, the beginning of fashion’s mixture with daily wear. It is possible to claim that the process starts with the artistic and sociological movements after industrialization. In addition to what Pop-Art culture brings among these trends, the ebbs and flow of the 1980s between modernity and freedom introduce the ‘daily fashion’ concept. Clothing that is produced at high margins, sold at reasonable prices and worn daily find their place in the concept of ‘fashion’.


High Fashion: The Fashion Itself

Recently, ‘Special Design’ and ‘Limited Edition’ creations have frequently appeared in well-known brands’ collections. In fact, ‘high fashion’, has never lost its popularity in the last 150 years. Creations, which have a limited or made to measure manufacturing, with sophisticated, elegant and even artistic lines are evaluated in this segment. Thanks to their high financial value, special designs make fashion a privilege of a certain few.

Presented as the new fashion, this perspective returns fashion’s own crown. Trends, which affect large crowds, change people’s clothing, as well as their cultural habits. At this point, the complexity of the 1980s in terms of the fashion sense can no longer find itself a place. There is now a sharp line between experiencing different styles and exclusive designs.


Why Are There Only a Few Special Design Brands?

Creating brand equity and protecting the created value is pointed out by the significant brand consultants. More is needed, however, to become classified in the high fashion category. Leading the trends, synthesizing creativity with different cultural factors is essential. It is now even more difficult to create and protect the values of the brand due to globalization.

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